SaveAWattHour Data science Your own cheap non-intrusive smart meter with little programming effort

Your own cheap non-intrusive smart meter with little programming effort

These days I’ve been experimenting with non-intrusive cheap smart meters that can be easily installed and programmed with minimal effort. Of course, I am referring here to setting up the metering installation itself and reading the output on the Arduino IDE serial output, not transmitting the data readings via wifi/Bluetooth and displaying it on a website or mobile app. Here is my setup:

The total cost of the installation is ~£46.

SEN0211 comes with a complete bundle to enable reading the amps from any cable. Be careful to connect the blue transformer probe to a single cable (power cable) not both power and ground.

My test setup showing the SEN0211 connected to the Arduino Uno (notice the clamp on a single line: power – red – in this case) and the Uno connected to the laptop running the Arduino IDE to upload the code and read the serial output.

The manufacturer provides code for reading the amps and I have updated it to convert the amps to kW (by making some assumptions as well.

Updated code to show kW in addition to Amps. I have made the assumption that the power factor equals 1 and that the voltage is 240V (UK). If you are in the US you may want to use 120V instead. Check your country standard. The division by 1000 represents the transformation of W to kW.

The project can be upgraded by adding a wifi/Bluetooth board to the Arduino and uploading the readings to a website (using a REST API for instance) for display. I will talk about this in a future post.

Serial output showing the readings from the Arduino board.

Once you store enough data you can start performing a lot of data analytics. Check some of my examples in the Data Science section.

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